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YouTube lectures

Perhaps you're here because you saw one of my videos.

We sure live in a fantastic era where one can record, edit, and upload lectures on the web for the whole world to watch and enjoy. I uploaded my first actual success video (about page numbers in Word) in 2008 to help my students. I didn’t think much of it, but I soon realized that there was a vast and encouraging audience out there, on a global scale. I’ve continued to upload lectures, how-to’s, and more ever since.

I cannot provide individual coaching, sadly

I'm far from being the perfect teacher and I'm quite busy.

I regret to tell you that I cannot accept any individual tutoring or coaching at the moment because I’m busy with my ordinary job. Everything I do on the internet is merely a hobby and something I do occasionally. I want to have some time over for my family, cat, house, garden, and other pursuits. For example, I love playing electric guitar, and just recently, I started playing chess.